I love old houses, but sometimes they can be a little creepy. Especially Victorians. All that lace and doilies. They can feel dusty and repressive to me. So once again, I have to find that balance between historic and frumpy. The first thing we did was get rid of all  the lace window treatments. That was easy. Adding more light and updating the light fixtures helped a lot … Continue reading Defrumpify

Don’t Get Emotionally Attached

    This house hunting is getting depressing. I keep falling in love, and Dave keeps saying no. We are sixty days from being homeless. Today we looked at an old Colonial built in the early 1900”s. Once we got past the emerald green carpet that covered the entire house, it started to grow on me. The entry and stairs were gracious, and the rooms were large … Continue reading Don’t Get Emotionally Attached