Windows and Light

The windows are here, and we have officially entered the the fun stage of the project. The part were cool things you ordered a lifetime ago show up and transform your project. Plywood is lifted, light streams in, and suddenly I can imagine what the addition will look like.     But first, we must admire the windows.  The custom Kolbe Old World Classic windows  … Continue reading Windows and Light

solid oak front door of our historic home in La Grange

To Match Or Not To Match

Remember when I said, ” pick the most critical items to match, bite the bullet on those items and find other places to save money?” (read more here)  Well so far, it seems everything has been deemed critical, so we need to find ways to save money. Because exterior details tend to be more permanent, architectural features of a home, most are critical to match. Mismatched … Continue reading To Match Or Not To Match

reclaimed stone is selected to match existing foundation stone in this historical renovation

Matching Stone

In the end, the goal is to build an addition that nobody notices. The key to that is matching all the cool old details both inside and out. This sounds easy, but as time marches on, methods, materials, and styles change making once ordinary building supplies objects of exhausting treasure hunts. We need foundation stone for the addition. I have no idea where the stone … Continue reading Matching Stone

Plastic Walls, Noise and Dust

There’s a lot going on out there. It’s fun to watch from our comfy home. Every day something exciting happens. Holes are dug, cisterns discovered, old walls torn down, new walls built. Watching from my window, I can see the addition take form while I prepare dinner or work in my office. Sure it’s loud, and I have to be fully dressed and on my … Continue reading Plastic Walls, Noise and Dust