Windows And Doors

The awesome team is back at the Bassett House looking for clues, only this week, Jeff Ediger, fromĀ Oak BrothersĀ is with us. Today, it’s about windows. First, we had to figure out what is original and what is not. Sometimes that was easy. These windows are clearly not original. And Neither is this front door. But sometimes it was a little more difficult. We thought the … Continue reading Windows And Doors

Dave Knecht lookes over the pieces damaged by the fire and pulled from the Orland P bassett House in Hinsdale Il

Where Did All The Cool Stuff Go ?

The Orland P Bassett house has been transformed from a A Hot Mess to a neat construction site. But what happened to all the stuff? The fire destroyed much of the interior, but anything that could be saved was carefully labeled and sent to appropriate restoration shops or storage facilities. Much of the woodwork like mantles and paneling ended up at Furniture Medic in Carol … Continue reading Where Did All The Cool Stuff Go ?

Restoring The Orland P Bassett House

Dave’s been fortunate to have been involved in some really cool projects over they past 30 years, but this one might just take the cake. On April 11, a piece of Hinsdale history caught on fire. Thanks to the brave fire fighters, no-one was hurt, and Ruby, the black Lab was pulled from the fire unharmed. But the blaze, which started on the roof, raged … Continue reading Restoring The Orland P Bassett House