antique schoenhofen beer bottles were discovered in the attic of our historic Howard Van Doren Shaw home

Support Walls, Beams, and Beer Bottles

Building a new structure is pretty straight forward. Building a new structure that ties in  to an old one seamlessly is full of complications. First, if you like your existing house, you have to create temporary support for it so it won’t collapse when you tear down the existing walls transitioning into the new space.  In addition, the weight of the new construction, and the … Continue reading Support Walls, Beams, and Beer Bottles

Dave Knecht lookes over the pieces damaged by the fire and pulled from the Orland P bassett House in Hinsdale Il

Where Did All The Cool Stuff Go ?

The Orland P Bassett house has been transformed from a A Hot Mess to a neat construction site. But what happened to all the stuff? The fire destroyed much of the interior, but anything that could be saved was carefully labeled and sent to appropriate restoration shops or storage facilities. Much of the woodwork like mantles and paneling ended up at Furniture Medic in Carol … Continue reading Where Did All The Cool Stuff Go ?

Fire and water damage to the Orland P Bassett home in Hinsdale, Illinois was so extensive, it will have to be torn down to the studs and restored

A Hot Mess

The fire was devastating. Physically and emotionally. Carefully crafted linen cabinets and built in bookcases were burned, hand laid parquet floors scorched and hand painted ceilings ruined by water.What was not destroyed by the flames was wet and smelled of smoke. The Orland P. Bassett house will need to be stripped down to the bare studs. Long before we became involved (6 months) David  Post … Continue reading A Hot Mess