Move In Day

I’m that annoying person who starts doubting my purchases the moment they become final. Its’s as though the fact that I own something, somehow makes it less desirable. Buyer’s remorse. That was my fear as I opened the massive 124-year-old door of my new home for the first time.   To my delight, the house seemed even more special now that it was mine. With … Continue reading Move In Day

Don’t Get Emotionally Attached

    This house hunting is getting depressing. I keep falling in love, and Dave keeps saying no. We are sixty days from being homeless. Today we looked at an old Colonial built in the early 1900”s. Once we got past the emerald green carpet that covered the entire house, it started to grow on me. The entry and stairs were gracious, and the rooms were large … Continue reading Don’t Get Emotionally Attached

It’s Time To GO

  To our surprise, our house sold in 10 days. We have a great relator, Kris Berger. I wasn’t ready; physically or emotionally, but that’s another blog. I no longer need to perfectly place 5 neutral pillows from Home Goods on my bed each morning.   This was good. But where do we move to? The anticipation of looking at charming old houses excites me. Which was actually our first problem. When … Continue reading It’s Time To GO