Windows and Light

The windows are here, and we have officially entered the the fun stage of the project. The part were cool things you ordered a lifetime ago show up and transform your project. Plywood is lifted, light streams in, and suddenly I can imagine what the addition will look like. _DSC7162



But first, we must admire the windows.  The custom Kolbe Old World Classic windows  made to match the existing.







Do you remember the pulley and weight system described in Building Walls ? Well the new windows operate the same way.

And because Dave is a detail guy, he matched everything, right down to the quirky decorative screws and washers they used 124 years ago.

But the part I’m really excited about, is the way Erik Johnson mirrored the bay window in the existing great room with a second one in the master bath. And that gorgeous window in the stairwell? He  replicated that in the sun room.


And suddenly, we go from a dark, depressing construction site to a room I can almost visualize

We have officially entered the fun stage of the project.

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